The anti termite treatment is carried out through application of Three Stage Treatment Plan, which includes

  1. Floor Treatment

  2. Wood Treatment

  3. Electric connection

Also Maruti Missile uses the latest termiticide chemicals, which destroys the complete termite colony, as opposed to conventional repellents, which only repel, but do not destroy the termites. This provides a long lasting solution.

Floor Treatment

Entire flooring (RCC or Ground Floor) will be treated in such a way,  a chemical barrier will be prepared which will restrict Termite colonies to be formed. Existing colonies will be destroyed in three action:

  1. Through smell
  2. Through Connection
  3. Through intake

Wood Treatment

Existing wooden furniture at proposed site will be treated with the help of oil based termiticide which includes door, window frame and immovable furniture.

Electric connection

Concealed electric pipelines are most comfortable transportation for termite. They form colonies inside the pipelines and reaching up to top of the multistoried building. This is most important area to be treated by pouring oil based pesticide in to the  pipeline and cealed.

  1. Termax(Imidachlopride) — Manufactured by Rallis
  2. Premise(Imidachlopride)—- Manufatured by Bayer
  3. Biflex – TC (Bifenthrine) — Manufactured by FMC

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