New Generation Non-Toxic Products For Excellent Results

Latest products, approved by World Health Organization, for their safety and manufactured by reputed companies are used. This guarantees excellent results, without harming the environment or endangering human health.

Some Products Generally Used By Us

1. Termite Control Treatment

  1. Termax(Imidachlopride) —   Manufactured By Rallis
  2. Premise(Imidachlopride)—- Manufatured By Bayer
  3. Biflex – TC (Bifenthrine) —   Manufactured By FMC

2. Insect Control Treatment

  1. Kothrine (Deltamethrine) — Manufactured By Buyer India
  2. Legend (Alfacypermethrine) — Manufactured By Meghmani
  3. Bistar 10WP  —   Manufactured By FMC

3. For Disinfestations of Food Areas

  1. Bio MO 3 — A natural non toxic bio product manufactured by Green Grace Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

4. For Pest Control

We uses a range of Catchmaster (USA) products

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